ICT is a division of IQ-Party, busy with a meaningfull organisation of society.


ICT is organizing child transfer between couples having at least 3 children, getting a further one, and unwantedly childless couples. The organization becomes mediator, when a ’rich’ couple is willing to give the coming baby to a ‘poor’ couple, giving  to this couple the permission to bring the baby up.

Three reasons to support such transfers are discussed beneath.


Adoption is a well known notion, near to child transfer (CT). But CT is not adoption: The child gets 2 parents more, all four are interested in the welfare of the child, while the 2 additional parents share really much time with the child and bring it up. The concrete transfer form is taking shape conform to the wishes of all 4 parents and conform to the country’s laws, in the frame of the laws of the European countries, with some law disparities between.


Due to knowledge and network capacity, ICT has more elbow-room than private persons and can give service to private persons, strictly conform to the laws of the country.


A restriction, which ICT is laying upon itself, is, that it transfers only children from high-level-parents, parents in good genetic clothes, to the said couples without child.  High level child transfer is our mission!


The known huge problems in all countries of the globe have a common cause: poor genetic clothes. The poorer the genetic clothes, the bigger the problems. Compare continents with each other! Compare countries with each other! Compare families with each other! Then you can see it clearly.


Science says: Genetic clothes determine the reality of a country for 80%, education, culture and other factors for 20%. The genetic clothes influence the reality 4 times stronger than all other factors together. Thus, ICT wants to contribute to better living conditions by spreading rich genetic clothes.


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IQ Child Transfer legal

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IQ Child Transfer legal  (ICT)



A good life can be prognosticated for children with strength, health, talents, intelligence, dynamic and a vriendly character, based upon the underlying genetic clothes.


In a longtime enterprise ICT has been looking around to find couples in rich genetic clothes, able to transfer their qualities to children, and willing to do a bit more than normal: willing to give birth to one or two children more than under normal conditions.

Being in love with the idea to have some wonderful children more may also be a component of the background of such couples, of IQ-Child-parents.


In a modern society with a lot of urban arias, where each apple has to be bought, the financial loads are a limiting factor for bringing up many children, more limiting than in rural arias. Thus we see modern societies shrinking. Not only high costs for food are a limiting factor, but still more the duty, layed upon parents by society to give their children a standard life: fine clothes, fine toys, a fine bicycle, a fine mobile, a fine lap-top or tablet of the newest generation, cash Money to visite the bioscope, cash Money to share a feast with comrades of the same age, Money for school books, cash Money for a school trip, more Money for more hotel rooms during vacations, cash Money for a bigger flat with an own room for each child of higher age, and last not least big costs to let study the intelligent kids. All these costs multiply with the number of family heads. Paying a bit less taxes is the only concession the state is willing to make. The huge costs of children stay mainly on the shoulders of the parents. Thus the calculation is made up: How many children can we afford? The answer is: “Not so many!” Average is about 1.5 in Germany and NL!

At the same time we see old societies in rural low-level-countries with people in poor genetic clothes without the pressure of all these kid-costs expanding largely, when helped by modern technology to let their kids survive, survive in poverty, but survive, technology, created in high-level-countries. However, it should be opposite: populations in high-level-clothes should grow!


With modern technology old countries with low level people can fight successfully against hunger and diseases, the population reducing factors, the limiting factors of cruel nature. Without modern technology they cannot fight. They are getting the technology as a present, without a contract to give something back:  the promise to use it in a wise manner. They don’t use the technology wisely: they stay misusing it to multipy heads. 5 surviving kids per woman: that is seen in many poor low level contries, the motor of the world population explosion, threatening the planet.


Here a stearing entity should intervene, should shift the helm, f. i. by withdrawing modern technology, as long as the help is misused to multiply the heads of the population in poor genetic clothes, producing giant streams of refugees from underdeveloped chaotic countries to rich high-tech-countries, destabilizing these sources. Population stability should be a ‘must’ for help. But an entity to decide and to put through such a decision doesn’t exist.


The UNO is busy with trials to extinguish small wars (Syria etc.), has few success and doesn’t think to dig deeper, while the basis for the next war is layed: overcrowding of regions with people in poor genetic clothes.


Our ICT-enterprise is only a small step. But it is a step in the right direction.

The time to change genetic clothes on big scale hasn’t yet come. We see elements: prevention of superfluous copies of poor genetic clothing in an 1.4 billion people country: China. The selfrestriction has disadvantages, because of the chosen form, and advantages. But clearly more advantages. Surely, without this act of selfdiscipline, China wouldn’t be near to be worldplayer number one.


See, on the other side, the old world power USA with laisser-faire-politics, falling from its horse, sinking down in a morass of depts: 16 trillion $ state depts, 16.ooo.ooo.ooo.ooo $.  The American Dream is becoming more and more a nightmare, much because of low-level-multiculti-population-politics without any element of selfdiscipline, because of the ideology, that personal freedom to damage the whole of society by multiplying the own bad qualities (genetic clothes) as much times as wanted is ‘a natural right’.


The technology to change the genetic clothes of a person within his lifetime is not yet present. Perhaps it will never come. We don’t know. It would be wonderful: taking a wonder-drink, and all negative qualities change into positive ones. All world problems solved: no longer wars, poverty, refugees. Everyone content!


But reality is more restrictive. For now we take the small steps, we can take, and ignore the voices of ideologists preaching that we shouldn’t move. The wind is driving the ship in the wrong direction. We should shift the helm!


Transfering children from one couple to an other is going along with shifting financial loads. In a smart organisation the overhead costs can be small. Businesses, operating in grey arias, selling babies in poor genetic clothes, bought in 3.-world-countries, to childless couples in emotional trouble in richer countries, get a counter weight.


ICT is presenting its small solution for a big problem. The rights of the giving parents and the rights of the accepting couples to see the child and to care for the child are layed down in a treaty. ICT is a go-between in all questions, accompanying the whole process.


In certain knife-edge-situations ICT can give people in trouble a helping hand and foster its own aim at the same time. F.i. when a she-student is in problems because of an unwanted pregnacy. Abortus and the attached health risk to become sterile for the rest of her life? Or having remorses for the rest of her life? Or giving birth to the child, unmarried, interruption or end of her study and having the never ending duties of a young mother, changing the scope of her life drastically?

Without help, in most cases the decision will be: abortus. With the help of ICT, she can go on studying some time, pause then three month in an house, ICT has arranged for her, and give birth to the baby, and return to her study place after a further month, knowing her baby in the hands of a loving couple in the same town, able to visit her baby after a phone call, having all the pleasure to see it grow and having none of the limiting duties, she would have without the help of ICT and the couple. No financial duties. No time duties. The child has now 3 parents and an agency, ICT, monitoring its well-being.


ICT has a pool of giving couples and the baby source, fed out of trouble situations as described above. But the number of asking couples is large. In the ‘modern’ society with a lot of health risks one of 6 couples is confronted with the fate to stay childless. Thus our pool of giving couples may grow. Please contact us!


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ICT, a division of  IQ-Party